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Language Testing (521)

Master of Education in English

Time: 2 hours                                                                                      F.M. 50                     P.M. 20

Objective Questions Group A (10×1=10)

1 A person’s language competence includes the ability to

  1. Create infinite number of sentences
  2. Understand infinite number of sentences
  3. Recognize grammatical mistakes and ambiguities
  4. Do all of the above
  5. Which one of the following approaches to testing is also referred to as discrete point testing?
  6. traditional approach
  7. structural approach
  8. communicative approach
  9. functional approach
  10. Testing language performance includes testing person’s :
  11. knowledge of grammar
  12. knowledge of vocabulary
  13. knowledge of sound system
  14. listening and speaking skill
  15. Teachers need to evaluate their students time and again in order to
  16. pass their students in the examination
  17. know their students’ progress
  18. keep their students alert
  19. to promote their students to higher grades


  1. Who used the term communicative competence first?
  2. Noam Chomsky    b. Dell Hymes         c. Bachman and Palmer              d. Shisir Sthapit
  3. ‘Knowledge of a language is more than just the sum of a set of discrete parts.’ This is the assumption of :
  4. the structural approach
  5. The Essay translation approach
  6. the integrative approach
  7. the performance approach
  8. Which of the following competence was added by Canale alone in 1983 when he revised their first model of communicative competence (1980)?
  9. Grammatical competence
  10. Sociolinguistic competence
  11. Strategic competence
  12. Discourse competence
  13. When was Language Testing Journal published first in history of language testing?
  14. 9861 b. 1983 c. 1972                                    d. 1950
  15. Which of the following is the major testing tool for structural approach to language testing?
  16. Cloze test
  17. Multiple choices
  18. Translation
  19. Dialogue practice
    10. The proponent of Unitary competence hypothesis (UCH) is :
  20. Auther Hughes b. Dell Hymes                        c. John Oller                d. Alan Davies






Subjective Questions

Group A (4×7=28)

  1. What is language testing? Discuss briefly the historical perspectives on the development of it.
  2. ‘The proper relationship between teaching and testing is surely that of partnership.’ Explain it.
  3. “Washback is an inherent quality of an Examination.” Elucidate
  4. Communicative language testing is highly adapted approach to language testing. Assess its strengths and weaknesses on the basis of assumptions, testing tools and its practicality.

Group C (1×12=12)

  1. Discuss the major issues of Language testing in the context of Nepal. How does the use of technology in testing become the burning issue?